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14th April 2024

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Rambles of a Pennine Way-ster
by Richard Pulk
Binding: Paperback, 220 Pages
Dimensions: 208 mm x 148 mm
Weight: 400 grams
RRP: �9.99
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Back to the Books Page 36 years after a first failed attempt to walk the famous Pennine Way, Richard Pulk pulled on his boots and set out once again to conquer Britain's definitive long distance footpath. This self-published title is an entertaining account of Pulk's journey, telling of the numerous highs and lows that made it every bit the challenge he knew it would be. With interesting introductory chapters providing background and a chapter devoted to each day on the walk, Pulk delivers a somewhat dense, but well-written travelogue packed with amusing anecdotes, varied photographs, and useful insights into walking The Pennine Way. As a subjective account, this title isn't intended as a guide and so the many references to accommodation should be read with discretion, but overall it does provide very appealing preparatory reading for those walkers considering a similar challenge

Reviewed on 08/08/2007 by Maria Thomas

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